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"7.5"Xinjiang Uygur Özerk Bölgesinin Başkenti Urumçi Olaylarının Gerceği
2009-07-12 19:23

    On 5 July, highly violent crimes involving beating, smashing, looting and arson took place in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. A large number of innocent civilians and armed policemen were killed and many others were injured. Facts have fully shown that these are premeditated and organized crimes of violence directed and instigated by separatists abroad and organized and carried out by separatists inside the country. The World Uyghur Congress headed by the ethnic separatist Rebiya Kadeer made an issue of an incident in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province and directly instigated, orchestrated, directed and staged these highly violent crimes. The CPC Committee and government of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region paid great attention to the situation. Police were speedily deployed to protect people's life and property, maintain social stability and restore public order. The situation has now been brought under control.

    On 26 June, A brawl broke out between workers from Xinjiang and local workers in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province. It was an ordinary case of public order and was properly handled. The World Uyghur Congress, an overseas East Turkestan organization, used that incident to vilify China’s ethnic and religious policies in an attempt to create publicity and stir up trouble.

    Some people with ulterior motives inside China acted in collusion with the World Uyghur Congress. They played up the Shaoguan incident and made a lot of noise on the internet. On the evening of 4 July, messages appeared on the internet, calling for a gathering at the People’s Square and South Gate in Urumqi at 5pm on 5 July, to answer the call from the World Uyghur Congress for a demonstration. Text messages were sent in large numbers to ask people to gather in Urumqi. The World Uyghur Congress incited troublemakers through the internet and other channels to “be braver” and to “do something big”. Rebiya Kadeer clamored for “a big event in Urumqi on 5 July” and urged people to “follow closely the developments and collect relevant information”.

    Organized and orchestrated by ethnic separatist elements abroad, over 200 people gathered at the People’s Square in Urumqi at about 6:20pm on 5 July,. They were later persuaded to leave by the police. At about 7:40pm, 300 people blocked roads at Renmin Road and South Gate. They were asked to leave by the police. At about 8:18pm, some people started beating, smashing and looting. They pushed over guard rails and smashed three buses before they were dispersed by the police. At around 8:30pm, rioters set ablaze a police car at Longquan Street, Jiefang South Road. They also chased and beat passers-by. Seven to eight hundred people moved to Big West Gate and Small West Gate along the square. They continued their sabotage activities along the way. The situation was gravely escalated. Rioters divided themselves into different groups and took different routes, wreaking havoc in streets, alleys and the area connecting the city and the countryside. They tried to kill any Han person within sight, and smashed or set fire to stores and vehicles.

    To protect people’s life and property and safeguard law and order in Urumqi, the government of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region speedily deployed police to those places where the situation was grave. The police acted resolutely in accordance with the law. They sent in small teams to rescue people across the downtown area and search for criminals. By now, the public security authority has arrested and detained over 100 suspects in accordance with the law.

    Transport and public order in Urumqi have now returned to normal. History has repeatedly shown that stability is a blessing and chaos is disaster. Without stability, nothing is possible in Xinjiang. We are unequivocally against ethnic separatism, violence and terrorism. Unity among people of all ethnic groups, social harmony and stability represent the highest interests of the Chinese nation, the 21 million people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang included. Xinjiang today enjoys development and prosperity. People of various ethnic groups there live and work in harmony, unity and contentment. The good situation has not come easily. We should redouble our effort to ensure that people of all ethnic groups will continue to work as one for common prosperity and development. And we should deeply cherish our harmonious and stable social and political situation.

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