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Dışişleri Bakanlığı Sözcüsü 'nün Urumqi "7.5" Olayıyla ilgili Açıklamaları
2009-07-12 17:31

Q: Last night, the Secretary of Urumqi Party Committee said the criminals will be severely punished according to the law, which means that many will be sentenced to death. If Rebiya Kadeer is proved to have premeditated the violent crimes, will you ask the U.S. Government to extradite her?

A: The question was raised at the last press conference. I will not repeat my response. On the specific judicial issues, I refer you to the judicial authorities.

Q: Are there any foreigners killed or injured in July 5 incident?

A: After the violent incident, we are concerned about the safety of the foreigners in Urumqi. We checked with relevant authorities and have not found any foreigner dead or injured in the incident. If there is any case in future, we will inform the diplomatic missions of relevant countries in China without delay.

Q: World Uyghur Congress has contact with many countries, like the U.S., Germany, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Will you ask the help of these countries to investigate the links between the World Uyghur Congress and the Uygher extremist and separatist forces? Last year, the Public Security Ministry of China released a name list of some East Turkistan terrorists, saying they were trained in neighboring countries. Have you talked with relevant countries on the issue?

A: I want to emphasize that terrorism is the common enemy of the international community. The Three Forces, namely religious extremism, national separatism and terrorism, is sabotage to countries in the region including China. In fighting against terrorism, and the Three Forces, the international community needs to speak with one voice, take joint actions and enhance cooperation rather than play double standard. China has been supporting and participating in the international anti-terrorism cooperation. The anti-terrorism law enforcement cooperation has been more and more important both within the UN framework and in our cooperation with neighboring countries. As for the Chinese national separatists and members of the Three Forces, we have got plenty of evidence showing that they are trained abroad by terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and that they have links with the Three Forces abroad. We believe relevant countries need to enhance cooperation so as to maintain stability and tranquility of the region.

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